Monday, August 22, 2005


Dave's Impact Zone

Show starts off with a recap of the events at Sacrifice. BG James gave Konnan the pin on Kip to join the 3LK's side. After Lynn defeated Waltman and looked like he was showing respect, Waltman attacked the injured arm of Lynn. Daniels' interference made Samoa Joe defeat AJ and win the 2005 X-Cup Tournament. That also means it will be Daniels vs. Joe at Unbreakable. Rhino pinned Raven to gain a title shot at Unbreakable.

Samoa Joe vs. Jerrelle Clark
Joe completely dominated this match. Clark did avoid a elbow in the corner and tried to knock Joe down. Clark went for a moonsault off the top rope and Joe just walks away. Now that is cool. Senton back splash for 2. Clark tries a springboard move but is caught by Joe and slammed to the mat. Joe immediately goes for the musclebuster and the katina clutch for the submission.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Christopher Daniels appears and hits Joe in the back with the title but only fazes him. He goes for the angel's wings but Daniels is flipped over Joe's back. AJ Styles comes in to attack Daniels. Joe goes to attack AJ but gets out of the way and hits Daniels instead. AJ dropkicks both to the outside.

Jeff Jarrett is in the back talking with Larry Zbyszko, demanding a title shot. If Jeff can get Rhino to change his mind, he can have the title shot. Rhino tells Jarrett that he will give him a title shot... after he beats Raven at Unbreakable.

The 2005 Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament is going to be a yearly tournament where they team up a older TNA star with a young TNA star, since Candido was all about helping the younger talent, i.e. The Naturals.

2005 Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament
Simon Diamond & Mikey Batts vs. Chris Sabin & Shocker
Sabin & Batts start out the match, a lot of quick moves and reversals. Sabin tags Shocker as they do a lot of double team moves, like they've been a team for years. Diamond takes Sabin to the outside, Batts goes to deliver a flying crossbody but hits Diamond. After the break, Shocker has the advantage over Batts, does a few moves and tags Sabin. Diamond trips Sabin and a headscissors takes Sabin to the outside where Diamond gets a few cheap shots in. After a few minutes, Sabin fires back with a flying back elbow. Both get the tag. The fresh Shocker takes out both opponents. Batts almost snuck a pinfall. When Shocker is in the ropes, he gets a blind tag by Sabin, Shocker didn't look like he really liked that. Cradle Shock on Batts for the win.
Winner: Chris Sabin & Shocker

Monty Brown said that Kip James shouldn't have trusted BG James. Monty is now focused on the title and doesn't care who is champ.

#1 Contender Rhino vs. Sonny Siaki w/ Apolo
Early in the match, Siaki delivers a leg drop for 2 count. A back elbow by Rhino in the corner stops Siaki and he chokes Siaki in the ropes. Siaki powers out the headlock and gets Rhino down with a spinkick, Rhino throws Siaki in the corner but he leaps up and flips back. As soon as Siaki stands up, Rhino hits the GORE! for the 3 count.
Winner: Rhino

Rhino gets on the mic and tells Raven he's going to GORE him and make him bleed at Unbreakable. He came here for the world heavyweight title. Challenges Raven right now. Raven shows up and accepts but security gets involved and Rhino GORED! Raven right through the security.

2005 Chris Candido Memorial Tag Team Tournament
BG James & Cassidy Riley vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings & Sonjay Dutt
Two members of the 3LK are against each other in this match. Starts out with Riley & Truth. Riley tags in BG James. BG and Truth shake, hug then dance. Riley and Dutt try to talk to their partners but they get attacked. Truth and Riley are again the legal men. Riley used Raven's running bulldog on Dutt. Tags in BG and he attacks Sonjay. BG gets the pumphandle slam but at the same time, Riley hits Truth with a fisherman brainbuster move. BG checks on Truth, Riley doesn't like it but pushed BG too much as he hits the pumphandle slam on his partner for this match. Sonjay hits the 450 splash on Riley for the 3 count.
Winner: Truth & Sonjay Dutt

James Mitchell is upset that they placed a match between Raven and Bobby Roode next week. Abyss wants the title shot.

NWA Tag Team Championship Match
Team Canada's Eric Young & A1 vs. The Naturals w/ Jimmy Hart
All four men brawl for a few minutes because the referee is having trouble controlling the match. Young gets sent outside the ring as the Naturals double team A1. Goes for a pin but A1 powers out. Naturals work on Young for the longest time but A1 raking Andy's eyes caused a momentum change. Now they're working on Andy until Young misses a leg-drop. Andy tags Chase who takes down Team Canada. The Naturals takes A1 to the outside. They then go for the Natural Disaster but Bobby Roode pulls out Chase and Petey Williams also shows up to give a beat down to the Naturals.
Winner: The Naturals (DQ)

America's Most Wanted once again saves the Naturals. A little friction happens between the two teams. Harris pushes Jimmy Hart out of the way, which triggers a brawl between the two teams. Team Canada is laughing their way up the ramp as impact goes off the air.

This was a really good show. Next week we will have a non-title match between Raven and Bobby Roode. Also the last two matches in the first round of the Chris Candido Memorial Tournament will be decided. So don't forget to watch Impact every Friday on See you all next week.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


SummerSlam Predictions

Voila, our SummerSlam predictions. Will we see the end of the reign of the WrestleMania champions? Who will prevail and take custody of Dominic? Who is better, Hogan or HBK? Well, we will have to wait till Sunday, but here is what we think will happen.

Legend vs. Icon Match, Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels
Jehu says: I said it from the start. I think HBK will come out on top. HBK is unstoppable as a heel. Watch out whoever will hold the title after this one.
Winner: HBK

Shawn Says: This match has HBK all over it. Like Jehu said a hell HBK is unstoppable, he ain’t laying down for nobody!
Winner: HBK

Dave says: I hope this match will have the same feel as Hogan vs. Rock at WM18. It has the possibility to be. HBK was at his best the last few weeks and I hope that roll keeps going.
Winner: HBK

WWE Championship on the line, ©John Cena vs. Chris Jericho
Jehu says: I have been thinking Cena would win this one hands down… only because he is a huge fan favorite and has overcome the odds almost every time. It surely seem that Cena will walk out champ… Almost too sure. Watch this one will be controversial and Cena will chase the Title.
Winner: Chris Jericho… YAY!

Shawn Says: I will be cheering for Jericho all the way. But somehow I don’t see him winning. I expect Edge to use his Money in the Bank and face Cena soon. I want Jericho to win but as this is a prediction, I predict Cena will win.
Winner: John Cena

Dave says: I’m sick of John Cena. It seems that Jericho’s only there to make him look good. I would love to see another title run by the first Undisputed Champion but something tells me Cena will win again.
Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship in a No Holds Barred Match, © Batista vs. JBL
Jehu says: I initially thought JBL all the way. But I have thought it over and it hurts me to say it, and I don’t want it to happen but I think Batista will win this one. Only because maybe a Orton Batista feud would be good, maybe not wrestling wise but we’ll see.
Winner: Batista

Shawn Says: Well the match is in Batista’s home town, and for some reason WWE loves to make the home town hero loose. One of the WrestleMania champs has to loose at SummerSlam, so I say JBL will win this one.
Winner: JBL

Dave says: I agree with Shawn on how WWE likes to screw hometown heroes. The first Batista vs. JBL match was terrible but the No Holds Barred option should make it better. Hopefully this will be the last time they face each other.
Winner: JBL

Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Jehu says: Its going to take a lot for Matt Hardy to win this one but I think he will make a good comeback. Matt Hardy should be a force to reckon with after this match with the fans behind him.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Shawn Says: I could not disagree more with Jehu. After this match Matt Hardy is going down. Like Edge said on RAW he’s in the main event spot because Lita is with a main eventer. Sure the fans are behind Hardy now, but once he’s done with this match we will have the same old Matt Hardy we always had. You really think WWE are going to push this guy?
Winner: Edge

Dave says: I’m a big Hardy fan but him coming back to WWE the way he did didn’t impress me. Maybe he will in this match but as Shawn said Mr. Money in the Bank will bank in his shot to face Cena next.
Winner: Edge

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton
Jehu says: Orton will win this one marking the return of the RKO. Possibly setting up a title match for the next ppv.
Winner: Randy Orton

Shawn Says: Randy is the future of the business. Randy needs this win, and Undertaker needs to lose in a fair manner!
Winner: Randy Orton

Dave says: It’s time for Undertaker to make Orton famous.
Winner: Randy Orton

Eugene vs. Kurt Angle
Jehu says: If Kurt Angle doesn’t win this there is something wrong with the minds at WWE. While I guess Angle put over Eugene by losing his medal UNFAIRLY He doesn’t need to lose this match, Kurt Angle is going to get his medals back.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Shawn Says: Oh please! Kurt Angle is the most gifted athlete in the WWE. Angle will win this without breaking a sweet.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Dave says: This is where Eugene’s child’s play will end when he steps in the ring with a serious competitor.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Ladder Match for custody of Dominic, Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero
Jehu says: Ok whoever wins this one wins custody of Dominic. I have no idea with this feud anymore. Eddie has lost like 6 times in a row I would think he would win one sometime… but that’s what I said last time… and the time before that. On the other hand I would think that Rey would lose his son on National TV. This is a shot in the dark. I am thinking Eddie Guerrero, and this time I mean it.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Shawn Says: This story line can’t go on any longer. If Eddie wins we will see more Eddie VS Ray match “Give me back my son, I’m his Papi” etc etc… When Rey wins this match Dominic is with him so Rey and Eddie can both go on to different storylines.
Winner: Rey Rey.

Dave says: WWE sure likes to play with this one. This takes up most of the show so it will be important but I am tired of it and hope it ends at SummerSlam so Dominic can go back to school in peace.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

US Championship, © Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit
Jehu says: OK, so I don’t want either Scenario to happen, but one has to. Chris Benoit deserves better than the US championship and while I can swallow one loss to OJ because he used the ropes, it should have been the end of it. No Hype to this match at all, I am going to say that OJ reign is over.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Shawn Says: Time for OJ to drop the belt. He had it since before WrestleMania, defended it somewhere around 5 to 10 times and never established a Finisher ( says his finisher is the reverse STO, when did he used that?)
Winner: Chris Benoit

Dave says: I agree with Jehu. This title is a demotion for Chris Benoit. He deserves main event status. But on the other hand, maybe the WWE will make this title important again by giving it to Benoit so he can face the likes of Guerrero or Christian.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Jehu's Incredible Monday Night RAW Review and Recap of the Events That Have Transpired on RAW This Week

Jehu's Incredible Monday Night RAW Review and Recap of the Events That Have Transpired on RAW This Week is here and RAW is in Montreal tonight.

HBK starts things off tonight. The
Montreal crowd greets him with large chants of boos and you screwed Bret! HBK returns the favour by mocking the national anthem. HBK guarantees he will give us something to remember. The Montreal crowd continues to harass him about “you screwed Bret”. HBK continues and mentions Survivor series 1997 and how he gave Canada’s own Bret Hart his most miserable lost. The Crowd starts chanting “We want Bret” HBK says Bret Hart will not come because “He screwed Bret!” That draws lots of boos. HBK then teases the crowd about a Bret Hart comeback tonight as he says if he were to come out to the ring tonight he would tell him he did it once and would do it again, and as soon as he say that The Hitman’s music hits! Is this really serious. HBK looks surprised and waits for him in the ring. The crowd is going crazy. HBK starts strutting in the middle of the ring like this is a practical joke… It is! HBK says we will never see Bret Hart in WWE ring again. He then says that he knows why the Montreal crowd hates him so much and that the same reason Hulk Hogan hates him as well. HBK steals a line from Hogan and says what you gonna do brother, what you gonna do brother… and Hogan’s music hits! HBK looks pissed now. Oooooooohhhhh! HBK drops to the floor in laughter because he fooled the Montreal crowd once again. That was great! He insults the Montreal crowd again and draws more boos from the crowd. Hogan wont be here, he only come to the show when the show is well and started. Montreal sings the “ Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” song. HBK just sits in the ring until they stop. Nice! Now that the crowd understand who runs the show (pointing to how they stop singing and immediately HBK gets up) he explains why he hates Hogan so much, and the reason is because HBK doesn’t believe Hogan doesn’t have a realistic bone in his body, that he his fake. The crowd then chants “shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up” The WWE censored this for T.V. HBK taunts the crowd again and leaves. On thing I would love to see is if Jericho doesn’t win the Title at SummerSlam HBK could challenge for the title. But I hope Jericho wins the Title. Any body but Cena hehe.

The Heartthrobs vs. The Big Show

The Heartthrobs try to double team him but he is way to big and strong for that and The Big show completely dominates this match. After a bit of Big Show dominance and a bunch of silent slaps across the chest the Heartthrobs get working on The Big Show’s knee which amounts to pretty much all their offence. The Big show throws both in the corner hits a clothesline on both and hits a double Choke slam and a double pin.

Winner The Big Show.

Eugene invitational is next

And the Home town hero… Rene Dupree??? This guys isn’t from Montreal… Just because he speaks French it doesn’t mean he is from Quebec come on, They advertise him as being from France he waives around a flag from France every other show he is on, and he really is from Cocagne, New Brunswick, but I will let that go because for his gimmick he is from France. But Really, come on, they must have another wrestler in Montreal that could have been the hometown hero. Oh I have an idea. Eugene has been wrestling past stars from the WWE and takes their moves and so on, what about one of the guys from the Quebecers? Anyways back to the match... and oh its done… Kurt Angle interferes and disqualifies Rene by attacking Eugene and he throws Rene out of the ring and assaults Eugene… Teach him a lesson Kurt! Kurt Angle is really passionate about getting his medal back.

Winner Eugene

Next is the Diva search.
Elizabeth is voted off and now the voting starts for the final two and the winner revealed later tonight.

Backstage Jericho Bishoff and Carlito are pretending that
Jericho is the champ and Jericho says it’s a great feeling to be the champ again. But they still have six days before its official and tonight they can inflict as much pain as they like to Cena in their handicap match. Bishoff wants to get Cena booed in Montreal. He says that all three of them will be Canadians. Jericho says he’s already Canadian, but he’s from western Canada which is a lot different than Quebec. Carlito says he no where’s near Canada. Bishoff reassures them and tells Carlito to tell them he’s from southern Canada. That’s Cool eh!

Chris Jericho and Carlito W/Bishoff vs. John Cena

Bishoff is waiving the Canadian flag throughout the whole match. The match starts and Jericho immediately tags in Carlito and Cena gets to work on Carlito. Jericho Distracts Cena and allows Carlito to attack Cena. Cena eventually regains control with a flying shoulder and attacks both men and throws them both out of the ring as we go to commercial break. During the break Cena had control of Jericho but Bishoff distracted Cena long enough for Jericho do a baseball slide and he now has the upper hand on Cena. Jericho slams Cena on the mat and chokes him a bit before tagging in Carlito. Carlito goes to work but Cena reverses a suplex into his own suplex. Carlito Struggles to tag in Jericho because he is holding on to Cena’s foot. Cena struggles to get up as well but when Jericho is tagged in he goes immediately after Cena and chokes with the ropes. Cena tries to muster enough energy to go toe to toe with Jericho. They exchange slaps and Jericho racks the eyes. Carlito is tagged in and he hits a neck breaker on Cena. He puts the headlock on Cena but he fights out of it but Carlito hits a spine buster on Cena. Jericho is tagged in and he does a missile drop kick from the top rope. While the referee is distracted Carlito spits an apple in Cena’s face and Bishoff slaps Cena. When Jericho goes back to work Cena matches him punch for punch but another rack to the eyes. The match continues with a tag to Carlito a DDT and tag back to Jericho. Jericho attempts the walls of Jericho but Cena punches him and Jericho backs up into Carlito. The referee considers it a tag. Carlito and Jericho try to double team him but they fail as Jericho is thrown to the outside and he gets a chair but meanwhile Cena sets up Carlito for the FU and pins him. As soon as the match is over Jericho goes in the ring and smashes Cena’s head with a steel chair.

Winner John Cena

The Diva search winner is announce next. And the winner is… Drummer roll… Ashley?? Aaah man, What are the fans thinking. The fans don’t know what they want haha. I wanted Leyla to win but she will probably get hired as well like the others last year. Anyways here are my final thoughts on the Diva Search. I didn’t like it because It waste too much time on a WRESTLING SHOW. I believe they consider themselves a entertainment show now and not a wrestling show. I did hoe the Leyla won because I though she was the best looking one there and did not act fake although they probably all did. I was nice throughout the weeks by recap the diva sear because I did not want to inject too much negativity in my column. I wish that they would put all the competitions that they do on so that the fans that are going to vote are the ones that are going to see it. They could present the girls each week and tell the fans how to vote and advertise that there are clips on the site they can watch and it would take up less of the Wrestling Show. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing scantily clad women dancing and such, but hot dog eating contest…How sexy is that. My belief is that if some one wants to watch some wrestling they will tune in to see a wrestling show and if some one wants to see half-naked women doing weird things, there are plenty of internet sites that are not hard to find for that!

Ok back to the diva sear, someone answer me this. How does being tough, dressing up like Avril Lavigne and giving out a fake phone number win you a contest about being a diva? I’ll give her one thing she does have a hot body and a pretty face. Well I am glad Summer didn’t win, now one more thing to hope for… that she doesn’t get hired (Summer that is)

Edge vs. Val Venus

I swear Val Venus must be the next Brooklyn Brawler. When’s the last time he won a match. He is a good veteran I believe though. He is a good wrestler and very good one the mic (remember when he was Chief Morley). But seriously does anybody think that Val will win against Edge. An aggressive Edge attacks Val in the corner and ends up choking him with his foot. Edge taunts the crowd and Val hits him with a couple of clotheslines and gets the advantage. Val hits a side Russian leg sweep and goes to the outside with Edge. On the outside Edge reverses an Irish whip and Val’s back hits the side of the ring hard. Edge works on the back of Val. He really works on al’s back locking in a submission on his back. Val breaks out of it but Edge hits a suplex. Val regains control for a bit but his back is really hurting him and he is not capable of lifting Edge for a suplex which allows Edge to regain the advantage. Val counter the first spear but can not get out of the next one right after. Edge finishes him off with a modified sharpshooter, not a modified figure 4 leg lock like JR says.

Winner Edge

Backstage Stacey is getting ready in front of a mirror but Rob Conway gets in front of her and checks himself out. Stacey says she already has a man and that she would be interested in him anyways. Hurricane calls him a super zero.
Conway looks in the mirror again and smiles… zero body fat he says.

Rob Conway vs. Hurricane W/Stacey

Conway goes directly after Hurricane. This is a relatively short match which Conway wins with his move the Ego Trip and follows that up with the flying elbow.

Winner Rob Conway

How does the WWE care about the Tag team division… I mean you have the tag title on one team that hasn’t defended it in well over a month and if they do it is on Heat, and then you have the only other team facing the Big Show. Instead of have a tag match one half of the tag team champions wrestles in a singles match against Conway. There are only 2 tag teams on Raw, how the hell can they have a title when there are only 2 teams! They are almost the winners by default.

The main even is up next. This is a PPV worthy match but on raw.

Kurt Angle vs. Hogan

Hogan’s entrance is about as long as the Undertaker’s. The match starts when Angle attacks Hogan while his music is still playing but Hogan is ready for him. He mocks Angle but putting his sunglasses and bandana on him and winding up for a punch. On the outside he throws Angle into the ring post and slams Angles face on the Steal steps and again into the ring post. Angle is thrown back in the ring but as Hogan gets in Angle gets the upper hand. Angle eventually hits the Angle slam and goes for the pin. Hulk Hogan kicks out and Hulks up. Hogan hits the big boot which sets Angle up for the leg drop. For gods sake is Hogan going to do it already, he is taking like 3 hours posing and getting the crowd into it. Hogan finally goes for it but HBK is there to put an end to it. HBK sets up for the sweet chin music but when Hogan gets up he tops and puts him in the sharpshooter. The crowd boos as we go off the air.

Winner Hulk Hogan

This was a good raw although a few things that keep bugging me about the WWE and its not only this show. For example the Tag team division the diva search etc… I loved the HBK promo and the ending was cool too. I am kind of glad we didn’t get to see the whole Hogan vs. Angle because I would like to see that as a feud. It has a lot of potential. I would also like to HHH in a no title feud instead of only not seeing him because he doesn’t have the title. I also wonder why the Intercontinental title and the tag team titles aren’t defended at SummerSlam. I feel the WWE only cares about the heavyweight division as it is really good but the rest isn’t as good. Just random thoughts. I must say that the Montreal crowd was one of the livliest i have seen in a while. This may be because of HBK's promo at the start, but in anyway that crowd was really into it tonight.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Sacrifice Predictions

Well, this is our first TNA Wrestling PPV Predictions segment. Shawn has been busy so it's only me and Jehu this time. Here's what we think will happen at Sacrifice on August 14th.

Raven & Sabu vs. Jeff Jarrett & Rhino

Dave writes: Since this isn’t a title match, I’m going to say that Rhino will pin Raven to gain a future title shot. Winner: Jeff Jarrett & Rhino

Jehu writes: Same here because they have been saying that if Jarrett gets a pin it might get him a title shot so I think Rhino will get the pin. Winner: Jeff Jarrett & Rhino

2005 Super X Cup Tournament Finals
Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

Dave writes: This will be a match to remember, perhaps even a match of the year candidate. So with that said, Samoa Joe will keep his undefeated streak by defeating AJ. Winner: Samoa Joe

Jehu writes: Samoa Joe will beat AJ in an excellent match leading to another excellent match against Christopher Daniels. Winner: Samoa Joe

Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn

Dave writes: I am still undecided on this match. Waltman has really improved his wrestling skill, only if he could improve his promos he could be one dangerous competitor. And this is Lynn first match in a long time. So with that said, I’ll go with Waltman for the win. Winner: Sean Waltman

Jehu writes: Exactly this is Jerry Lynn’s first match in a while I don’t think he will lose it. Winner: Jerry Lynn after a dreaded Broncobuster.

The Naturals & AMW vs. Team Canada

Dave writes: Now the teams are even. The only thing preventing The Naturals & AMW to win is if they can get along. But I think they will for a common goal. Winner: The Naturals & AMW

Jehu writes: I am thinking a 3 way for the Titles next month so I don’t think they will work together, they want the titles too. Winner: Team Canada

Abyss w/James Mitchell vs. Lance Hoyt

Dave writes: Hoytamania won’t save Lance from the Black Hole Slam. Winner: Abyss

Jehu writes: Abyss came from a loss last month and Hoyt is on hot streak right now. This is a tough one. I think Abyss will win this one and this feud will continue. I think Abyss will win this one with the help of James Mitchell. Winner: Abyss

X Division Non-Title Match
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries

Dave writes: This match will be good but I don’t think TNA will make the champ loose to Aries before the winner of the X Cup Tournament gets his shot but anything is possible. Winner: Christopher Daniels

Jehu writes: You’re wrong about the X cup. Christopher Daniels will not lose before the CDI (Christopher Daniels Invitational as he calls it). Winner: Christopher Daniels

Special Referee: BG James
Kip James & The Alpha Male vs. Ron Killings & Konnan

Dave writes: The drama continues with which side BG James is going to choose. I think this is where BG will take 3 Live Kru’s side to setup a match between BG and Kip leading up to Bound for Glory. Winner: Ron Killings & Konnan

Jehu writes: I think this is a swerve. BG and Kip are getting back together. Winners: Kip James and The Alpha Male

Shocker vs. Alex Shelley

Dave writes: I can’t wait to see this match. They have each a victory over each other. As much as I’d like to see Shelley win, I’d have to pick Shocker for this one. Winner: Shocker

Jehu writes: I think this one will end up controversial. Look for Shelley to win and set up a stipulation match for next PPV. Winner: Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy vs. Simon Diamond, David Young & Elix Skipper

Dave writes: No build-up for this match, but it will be entertaining. Could this be two in a row for David Young? It would be cool but I’ll choose the other team for the win. Winner: Sabin, Dutt & Shark Boy

Jehu writes: Two in a row for Young? Nah! Winners: Sabin, Dutt and Shark Boy

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Dave’s Impact Zone

Welcome to an early edition of Dave’s Impact Zone. This week’s Impact aired on Wednesday and as always can be viewed at So on with the show…

Matt Bentley w/ Traci vs. Shark Boy
Matt had the advantage early in the match by attacking Shark Boy while his back was turned. Matt chokes Shark Boy on the middle rope and Traci gives him a slap as well. Matt tosses him into the ropes but Shark Boy counters with a knee to the face, followed by a neckbreaker, but only gets a two count. Dropkick from top rope, two count again. Shark Boy goes for his famous 10 punch in the corner, but instead of biting Matt, he bites Traci’s ass who was on the apron. Shark Boy steps back in and is immediately superkicked by Matt and he gets the three count. Winner: Matt Bentley

Shane Douglas is interviewing Shocker. He says that he underestimated Alex Shelley and that he’ll see him at Sacrifice.

2005 Super X Cup Tournament Semi-Final Match
Petey Williams w/ A1 vs. AJ Styles
Both men were even at the beginning of the match, delivering moves back and forth. AJ sets up for the Styles Clash but Petey is pulled out of the ring by A1. AJ goes for a baseball slide but Petey leaps on the apron. AJ catches Petey for a powerbomb but is blocked and Petey delivers a leg drop. A1 hits AJ with a clothesline, then throws him back in the ring. Petey goes for a pin but only a two count. Petey then hangs AJ on the second rope then distracts the ref to allow A1 to choke him. Another two count. AJ connects with some punches and chops, goes for suplex but is reversed into a double neckbreaker. AJ gets up first, delivers a clothesline, back elbow and a spinkick. Petey tries to kick AJ, but his foot is caught and tosses Petey to the ground. AJ then does this pumphandle slam to gutbuster combo and gets a two count. Petey gets AJ in a Russian leg sweep, two count again. He then calls for the Canadian Destroyer, but is countered, AJ gets his moonsault to inverted DDT move, but only gets the two count. The Styles Clash is blocked and Petey gets AJ in a perfect crucifix pin for a CLOSE two count. A1 distracts the ref and tosses the hockey stick to Petey. AJ pushes Petey into A1 and tried a roll-up pin, but it’s reversed into the sharpshooter, but that’s also reversed into a small package for the 3-count! Winner: AJ Styles

Shane Douglas is with Lance Hoyt. He said that he didn’t need to look for an opportunity because it came to him. Abyss then attack Hoyt and hits him with a chair. James Mitchell says that Hoyt made it personal last week by jumping Abyss after his match.

After the break, Shane Douglas is with Kip James and Monty Brown this time. Monty is upset at the fact BG James is going to referee their match at Sacrifice. Kip is the opposite and says this is just what he wants and is confident his “brother” won’t let him down.

“Alpha Male” Monty Brown w/ Kip James vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper
Monty knocks Primetime to the outside and tosses him into the railing multiple times. Monty throws him back in for a two count. Primetime reverses a backdrop, hits a spinkick on Monty. He then leaps from the middle to top rope and flips backwards to land on his feet but is POUNCED by Monty. Monty then drags the knocked out Primetime to the middle of the ring for the 3-count. Winner: Monty Brown

Simon Diamond & David Young vs. America’s Most Wanted
AMW started out by delivering a lot of double team moves on both opponents. James Storm takes Simon Diamond out of the ring while Chris Harris delivers a long vertical suplex to Young. Later, Storm then goes for the superkick but is hooked by the Canadians’ hockey stick. David Young gets the spinebuster and the 3-count! A pin for David Young! Winner: Simon Diamond & David Young

Beat down by all 4 Canadians after the match until The Naturals return last week’s favor and saves AMW.

Ron “Truth” Killings & Konnan vs. Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts
Konnan beats on Clark, Batts refuses the tag. Konnan hits the rolling thunder, throws his sneaker at Clark then holds him for Truth’s leg drop. Truth takes over and tosses Clark in the corner but he gets the boot up and hits Truth with a top rope moonsault. It doesn’t last as Konnan comes back in the ring, hits a brainbuster followed by a pinning powerbomb for the 3-count. Winner: Truth & Konnan

BG James was watching from the ramp with his RDS shirt. (RDS is the French sports station that Impact is aired on in Canada) BG applauding the 3LK and was coming down to the ring, but Konnan gets on the mic and says he doesn’t trust him and that he needs to choose. Truth is the opposite and tells Konnan to stop being a hothead and says that BG is with us. This is going to be very good at Sacrifice.

Shane Douglas is one very busy man tonight as he’s with AMW and The Naturals. They just say that they got to team up to take out Team Canada at Sacrifice.

Rhino vs. Chris Sabin
Rhino starts the offence but is cut off when Sabin gets a head scissor takedown, then a dropkick, but it can’t keep Rhino down. Rhino sits on top turnbuckle but Sabin hits an enziguri that takes Rhino outside. Sabin runs and leaps over the top rope to knock down Rhino. Rhino slows down Sabin by hitting a three-quarter facelock bulldog on Sabin and gets a two count. Vertical suplex for another two count. A toss into the ropes favors Sabin as he catches Rhino in a hurricanrana, both deliver chops, Sabin gets a clothesline, reverse atomic drop, flying back elbow and a tornado DDT from the second rope. Sabin still only gets a two count. As Sabin is running towards Rhino, Sabin gets thrown to the outside. Rhino brings a table into the ring. Sabin tries to fight back with a springboard dropkick but only gets a two count. Rhino catches Sabin in a spinebuster, then hits the GORE! Winner: Rhino

After the match, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven immediately gets in the ring and hits Rhino with a clothesline and running knee lift. Jeff Jarrett comes down but only to receive a bulldog by Raven. That allows Rhino to recover and GORE! Raven. They both setup the table but lights go out and Sabu appears. Sabu nails Rhino with the chair and a flying back elbow to Double J. All four brawl and Jarrett low blows Raven to set him up on the table. Sabu tries to go for a hurricanrana on Rhino but Rhino powerbombs Sabu right on Raven. Table doesn’t break but Rhino powerbombs Sabu through it. Jeff Jarrett gets Raven in a figure four leg lock as the show goes off the air.

Awesome show, this was a good setup for Sacrifice this Sunday on PPV. Better than what they had done last month. We should have our predictions ready soon, so keep checking this site and don’t forget to leave comments on your thoughts on the show. As always, I will see you next week for more TNA action.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Jehu's Incredible Monday Night RAW Review and Recap of the Events That Have Transpired on RAW This Week

Jehu's Incredible Monday Night RAW Review and Recap of the Events That Have Transpired on RAW This Week is here.

So we start off with Eugene’s invitational. Finally like the Coach says someone will teach Eugene a lesson. We’re in Pittsburgh and Kurt is in his hometown. Kurt Angle comes out and insults Eugene. The Pittsburgh crowd chants “you suck” to Kurt Angle when his song is playing, but when it stops the crowd heavily favors Angle chanting his name and chanting Eugene sucks when he says he is an Olympic gold medalist. OK the match starts and what’s the first thing out of Jim Ross’s mouth, Kurt Angle has to beat Eugene in 3 minutes. Wait a second JR, don’t insult my intelligence along with all the other wrestling fans. All he has to do is not get beat in 3 minutes it that’s how they end I will be so pissed off! So the match continues and Kurt Angle starts very aggressive, he needs to teach Eugene a lesson. He rips off Eugene’s Hulkamania shirt and give him a few hard uppercuts in the corner and hits a few closed fists on Eugene. When the referee tells him to stop Angle pushes him away. Eugene head butts Angle and goes to work in the corner. The referee tries to break the two apart but Eugene accidentally hits the referee when he is bent down between them. Eugene blames Kurt Angle and the referee gives Angle a warning. A pissed off Angle runs after Eugene but he trips up Angle and jumps on him and rides him like a horse, how embarrassing that some one does this in the ring, to Kurt Angle nonetheless. A hard clothesline by Angle and a suplex but only good for a 2 count. He then proceeds to hit Eugene head in the turnbuckle but he hulks up hits a few punches but Angle ducks on and hits a belly to back suplex and the straps come down. This one is over soon, hopefully. Eugene counters the Angle slam but Angle returns with a clothesline which Eugene ducks and Angle accidentally hits the referee. The referee disqualifies Angle with 30 seconds left! Damn it. Angle attacks Eugene after the match and Hulk Hogan comes in for the save. Kurt attacks him but he hulks up and throws Kurt against the ropes and Kurt angle rolls out. Hogan does a 10 minute pose with Eugene.

Winner… I guess I have to say it. Eu… Eu… Eugene, but only by disqualification.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris masters

Shelton reverses a headlock applied by Masters and gets Masters in a headlock which he reverses and send Shelton against the ropes. Action goes back and forth and Shelton goes for a cross body but Masters slams him down. While Shelton is down Masters goes to work on him with some elbows and kicks to the back a scoop slam. JR reminds us that Shelton has a win over Kurt Angle on this day. Damn it they should have had Shelton beat Kurt Angle in his invitational. That would have really elevated Shelton’s career. Back to the match Masters slaps the bear hug. As Shelton gets out of it, Masters hits a sidewalk slam, he then calls for the master lock but Shelton does a beautiful reversal before he can apply it but Shelton only gets a 2 count. Masters gets the sleeper on Shelton but Shelton quickly reverses it into a jawbreaker on Masters. Shelton gains momentum with some punches and a beautiful million-dollar knee lift. He send Master in the corner and hits the Splash on Master and he then goes on the top rope and hits a cross body but Masters gets his leg up on the ropes to break the count. Masters tries to apply the Master lock on Shelton but Shelton doesn’t allow him to do so and puts the sleeper on Masters. While the referee isn’t looking Master hits a low blow while Shelton is on his back for the sleeper and he applies the master lock and Shelton passes out. I would like to point this out again, I hate it how the Referee hold the hand up 3 times for any other wrestler’s holds before he can call for the bell and end the match and they only do it once for the master lock.

Todd Grisham is outside the GM’s office and Kurt Angle comes out with a smile. He announces the at SummerSlam he will have a match against Eugene. There he will take back his possession and for kicks he says, he will end Eugene’s career. There is no time limit on this match as well.

Backstage Maria interviews Rob Conway. And ask him about how he feels about wrestling the biggest love machine. Conway says he will do things his way, the Conway, and that Viscera isn’t a love machine and then points to himself and says he is 98% fat free. Viscera comes and talks to the both of them and makes fun of Conway’s attire and compares him to the village people. Viscera says he will put on the visagara on Conway. I wont ask any questions.

Backstage again Edge is standing by with Lita who has a neck collar on. Edge says he is happy that Vince hired Hardy back because he will now get a chance to beat him up legally because the things he wants to do to Hardy would land him in prison if he weren’t hired again. He says he is the one who asked Vince to Hire Hardy and that Hardy says he hopes that Edge was in a car accident, well Edge thinks the opposite because he wants to make sure that he is the one to beat up Hardy. Edge also mentions that they are locked up in a room backstage with security guards because Hardy is here and he resents that fact and says Hardy should be the one locked up because he is out of control.

Rob Conway vs. Viscera

There’s some offence from both sides to start off but it is Viscera who gains control with a very nice Spinning side slam, like black hole slam from Abyss. Conway kicks the knee of Viscera and it seems as it hurt back for Viscera. Conway goes to work on the knee of Viscera. Viscera musters up enough energy to get up on his hurt leg and hits a Samoan drop. Viscera goes for the Visagara (Humps the wrestler, stupid move if you ask me, but not as bad as the worm or bronco buster but close) Conway gets out of the visagara with some elbows, so he’s saved us from seeing it, thank you. Conway goes to the top rope and jumps but Viscera extends his arm and it hits Conway on his way down. Viscera tries to get up but is still having difficulty getting up with his knee. Viscera lifts Conway but his knee buckles and Conway falls on top of him and there’s a 3 count.

Winner Rob Conway

Oh great, another video from Vanilla Ice wannabe later tonight.

Hurricane, Rosey and Stacey vs. The Heartthrobs and Victoria

I guess Victoria attacked Stacey on Heat and there’s a feud a brewin. We start off with Hurricane and Antonio. Hurricane hits a fireman’s carry and a clothesline and a quick pin fall attempt and no luck. Victoria distract Hurricane and allows Romeo to hit Hurricane with a clothesline from the outside. Romeo then gets tagged in and a quick pin fall attempt. Hurricane kicks out. Antonio gets tagged in again and they try a double drop kick but Hurricane outsmarts them. He then tags in Rosey. Rosey completely dominates both members of the Heartthrobs. They eventually gain the upper hand but not for long as Stacey distracts the Heartthrobs which allows Hurricane and Rosey to throw the Heartthrobs to the outside. In the meantime Victoria attacks Stacey from behind and drives her against the railing. Rosey hits Victoria, but the Heartthrobs get back in and double team Rosey and gets the pin fall. I sense a tag team title feud with the Heartthrobs coming out on top.

Winner The Heartthrobs and Victoria.

The Highlight Reel is next and the guest, Bishoff. They gloat that Cena cannot be here tonight as he isn’t medically cleared to be there. Jericho shows a video package he has made with a Fozzy song. The video shows all the footage of Jericho beating on Cena trough the weeks. Funny comment he calls Cena “young M Cena” The get pissed off that last week Cena walked away with the title. And that’s because of one referee(who came out and counted to 3 when Jericho was knocked out of the ring). They call him out, Chad Patton. He comes out and they slap him around and demand and apology. Bishoff says that not enough and announces a match tonight with Chad Patton against Jericho. This is a complete squash match with Patton only getting offence at the start when he rushes towards Jericho. Bishoff is the referee also and Carlito comes down to the ring to support Jericho. Jericho gets him in the walls of Jericho in the end but Bishoff doesn’t know if he was to tap out, even if he is clearly tapping out. After a bit he calls for the bell. Bishoff says he doesn’t hear the bell and Jericho keeps the hold on as Bishoff slaps Patton. Cena runs down to the ring clears the ring and hits the FU on Carlito.

Winner Jericho by Submission

The diva sear is next and the lady who is kicked off is… Crystal, and next week is the last week. There only 3 left and Leyla is still there wooohoooo. This week they had 60 second to finally convince the fans to vote for them but the catch is that with 20 seconds left a pie was thrown in their face to see how they would react, and they didn’t know a pie was going to get thrown in their face. First is Ashley, she has a card with her phone number on it and says she wants to connect with us more on a personal level. Come on, Does she actually believe that we believe that that is her actual phone number. OK from what I hear some people actually believed it or at least called it and from what I hear its goes to a voice box of someone named Austin. Anyways the pie gets thrown in her face with 20 seconds left and she gets pissed, like really pissed and coach says 20 seconds left and counts down. All she does is swear and throws the whip cream around on coach and on the ground. In the end she realises that it wasn’t a joke and it was real. I guess we know how she acts backstage a bit. Next is Leyla and it appears she is wearing nothing under a sign and says she wants to give us the naked truth on why we should vote for her and insults the other divas saying that we don’t want a rob Schneider kiss up or a Avril Lavigne wannabe… True true. The pie gets thrown in her face and she is surprised. She then continues and says she loves whip cream and slap the Coach. Elizabeth is next and she talks about how she walks the walk and won kicked ass at the bikini boot camp and the queen of the mountain. When the pie goes in her face she is surprised and wipes her face and continues saying to pick her if you want someone with talent and to show you a little of skin and not just take it off. In the end Elizabeth is showing off her butt and Leyla slaps it, just thought I would point it out.

Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky

Hardy gains momentum with a discus punch and a boot to the face but Snitsky slows him down with a spine buster. Snitsky hits a running clothesline in the corner and a standing suplex. He slams Hardy on the mat but misses a elbow drop which allows Hardy to rest a bit and attack Snitsky with a jumping clothesline. Hardy misses a neck breaker and Snitsky hits a sidewalk slam. Hardy reverses the pump handle slam and attempts the twist of fate but Snitsky pushes Hardy in the corner. Snitsky goes for a running big boot but Hardy ducks out of the way and Snitsky’s leg gets caught up over the top rope and Hardy hits the twist of fate from the top rope and gets the 3 count. Edge attacks Hardy from behind after the match is done and the referees separate them. Backstage Hardy is being help in the back but the pass by edge’s dressing room and Hardy runs for him and attacks him and they get separated again.

Winner Matt Hardy.

Cena new music video… Fast Forward.

And now HBK and Hogan face to face. With the King asking the questions. HBK cuts him off and thanks Hogan for taking the time out of Hogan’s busy schedule to come to Pittsburgh. King asks HBK if he is jealous of Hogan. He says there is nothing of Hogan that he desires and rants on and on and says Hogan has built a career on personality and show but he is the Showstopper. Next question is to Hogan and he asks how he feels about HBK imitating Hogan on raw last week. Hogan lifts the mic but HBK cuts him off and answers the question for Hogan. He says that Hogan has to deal with the fact that HBK doesn’t sweat Hogan in the ring or backstage and he wont buckle under the image of Hulkamania. The King asks HBK to let Hogan answer the question but HBK says there is no question and then insults Hogan about being older. Hogan interrupts HBK after he has had enough. Hogan says all HBK had to do was ask for a match but no, HBK is the king of cheap shots, and to prove that all he would have to do would be to call Bret Hart. Uuuuummmm, Raw is from Montreal next week. That’s where the Hitman got screwed. Bret Hart just met with WWE not too long ago. A little coincidental, but I don’t think so, not yet anyways but I guess anything is possible. Back to the interview, the crowd goes wild when Hart’s name is mentioned and HBK says say not to forget it and that Hogan is next. Hogan says HBK is selfish and goes in the ring for himself. Hogan says he is here for each and everyone of the hulkamaniacs. HBK super kicks The King and hits a low blow and assaults Hogan but he Hulks up and hits the big boot and tosses him to the outside and talks trash about HBK and raw goes off the air with Hogan in the ring.

So that ends this weeks edition of RAW. It wasn’t a bad one but wasn't a great one, Kurt Angle should have beat
Eugene but this is a way to extend this feud, hopefully he will beat Eugene at SummerSlam... Hopefully, what am I thinking, he will beat him at SummerSlam. The Hogan HBK is doing great and Jericho and Cena feud is brewing good. Wrestling wise Shelton was very good and its nice to see Hardy back in the ring and it looks like he might just get the attention he deserves. Next week we already have Kurt Angle vs. Hogan and handicap match involving Cena vs. Jericho and Carlito. Hogan and Angle should be good!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Dave’s Impact Zone

Welcome to another edition of Dave’s Impact Zone. The show starts off with a recap video of Sabu returning last week. He and Raven will team up to face Jeff Jarrett and Rhino at Sacrifice on August 14th.

2005 Super X Cup Tournament - Semi-Final Match
Samoa Joe vs. Alex Shelley

We have once again, Mr. TNA Christopher Daniels on commentary, as well as Petey Williams watching the match from the ramp and AJ Styles watching from the back. This match had great wrestling with new moves I haven’t seen, mainly submission moves and reversals. Joe delivers some lethal kicks to Shelley in the corner, then some punches and chops, and hits the Muscle Buster. Shelley passes out to the Katina Clutch and Samoa Joe remains undefeated in TNA. Winner: Samoa Joe

Next we have a video recap of last week’s confrontation between Sean Waltman & Jerry Lynn. They’ve added some old footage of when Lynn helped Waltman start out in the ring. It added a nice touch to the feud but Waltman was still terrible at his promo last week.

Shane Douglas is in the back interviewing Cassidy Riley. Riley talked about how it was fate for Raven saving him again last week and that he was disappointed that he wasn’t chosen to be Raven’s partner. But he’s excited that it’s Sabu and going to get a front row seat.

NWA Tag Team Championship Match
The Naturals w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Team Canada’s Eric Young & Bobby Roode w/ A1

Naturals had advantage by sending both members outside of the ring. A1 interferes by pulling Andy Douglas off the apron. Team Canada keep tagging each other and focusing on Andy until he ducks a clothesline and hits a knee lift, but is still stopped from making a tag. Later he gets a boot up in the corner, followed by an elbow, then gets the tag to Chase Stevens. He knocks everyone down with clotheslines, even A1 who steps in the ring. Petey Williams runs down and distracts Chase, which allows Bobby Roode to hit a full nelson slam and Eric Young with a flying elbow drop but gets a close 2 count. Roode was going to attack Chase with the Hart’s megaphone but is stopped by Andy who then takes out Eric Young. Andy tosses the megaphone to Roode and Andy falls down (ala Eddie Guerrero). Ref turns around, sees both Naturals knocked out and Roode with the megaphone and calls for the bell. Winner: Naturals by DQ

After the match, the Canadians beat down on the Naturals until AMW runs down with the save. They hand the belts back to the Naturals. America vs. Canada at Sacrifice? It will most likely be announced sometime after Petey looses to AJ next week.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Apolo w/ Sonny Siaki

Apolo started the offence by delivering chops and boots to Abyss. A clothesline sends him out of the ring. Apolo tries to throw Abyss into the steel railing, but it’s reversed. This allows Abyss to take offence. After the commercial break, Apolo reverses a chokeslam with a swinging neckbreaker. Apolo bounces off the ropes but Mitchell catches his foot. He then gets a rock bottom, but the referee is distracted. Abyss brings in a chair but Apolo superkicks it right back into Abyss face, but only gets a 2 count. Shortly after, Abyss catches Apolo unexpectedly in a Black Hole Slam for the 3 count. Winner: Abyss

Right after the match, Lance Hoyt comes in and takes out Abyss. Hoytamania goes wild! Mitchell stops Abyss from returning in the ring. Hoyt takes the mic and talks a bunch of pointless stuff.

Monty Brown is upset at Larry Zbyszko for placing BG as the referee and by doing so, Larry just made the Serengeti a more dangerous environment.

David Young & Simon Diamond vs. Raven & Sabu

Raven & Sabu have the early advantage until Young breaks the camel clutch that Sabu had on Simon. Young delivers an awesome spinebuster but only gets a 2 count on Sabu. Raven gets the tag from Sabu, clotheslines Young, knee lift to Simon. He then blows his nose on a cloth and smears it in Young’s face. He then hits a running bulldog to Simon and at the same time a clothesline to Young, but Simon breaks the pin. Raven tags Sabu, which does a flying clothesline to both opponents. Raven hits his Evenflow DDT on Young, which is followed by Sabu’s Arabian Facebuster for the 3 count. Winner: Raven & Sabu

Simon Diamond had a chance to save Young but he didn’t. Rhino and Jeff Jarrett run down to try to take out Raven and Sabu but they were ready. They clear both wrestlers to the outside, Sabu sets up the chair and leaps over the top rope on both Rhino and Jarrett to end the show.

A lot of great matches this week, I’m impressed by Samoa Joe & Alex Shelley, and both seeing them face each other was great. Also the Naturals & Team Canada pulled out a good match. Impact will be airing on Wednesday, August 10th next week instead of Friday. The only match I’m aware of is AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams in the last semi-final match of the X Cup Tournament. And obviously more matches for Sacrifice will be announced so stay tuned!

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